Welcome to Willow Clinic

home_jarsWillow Clinic follows 5,000 years of Oriental medical tradition. In the spirit of generations of physicians before us, we strive to provide the most comprehensive system of health care possible. Our modalities include acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic herbs, relaxation, tuina, moxibustion, nutrition, prescribed exercises, and other lifestyle recommendations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest continually practiced system of medicine in the world, yet timeless. Because of its integrated view of balance and harmony within the human body it is able to effectively address the most complex and systemic disorders of modern life; and the simplest. It is this understanding, and the detailed diagnosis stemming from it, that makes this medicine so profound.

home_roomAt Willow Clinic we focus on the entirety of the individual, searching for the root of the disorder, not just pacifying symptoms. Our focus is on developing vibrant health within every aspect of the person, restoring balance and harmony to the whole. In our medicine, no aspect of health or illness exists in isolation. Balance must be restored throughout for health to flourish. At Willow Clinic we believe that each individual has the capacity to self-heal. We act as guides to facilitate our patients’ healing process.

Willow Clinic has been central to northern New Mexico health care since its opening in 1993. It maintains one of the largest herbal pharmacies in the state and strives to provide the very best in alternative health care. We offer education, preventive care, health maintenance and performance enhancement as well as therapeutic approaches to heal acute, chronic and systemic disorders.


Willow Clinic Core Philosophy:

We offer a powerful alternative to Western Medicine employing ancient yet relevant modalities such as: acupuncture, herbal remedies and supplements.

We customize treatment plans and guide their implementation for sustainable, vibrant well-being.

We empower people to be at the center of their own healing process. We believe you are your own healer.